Fake Friends

Friends, Not hard to get;
bestfriends, are the one’s that are the hardest to get.
They are the ones, that are there for you. The one’s that know how to cheer you up.
But, they also, the one’s that know everything about you, how to break you, in three words.
Three words that mean, everything to you, the word’s “I hate you” but, not in just a joking manner.  But, rather a serious one, the one that makes you hurt, betrayed.
Because, as James Arthur say’s “falling out of love is hard; falling for betrayal is worse
And that’s exactly what you feel; Betrayed.

         As time goes by you learn to get strong to  forget them.
Time sure as hell doesn’t have a way of healing it’s self; The wound will bleed,
Long After the day’s of misery, You try to forget them; you eventually do, Somethings remind you.
But after everything they may have put you though you learn to forgive, they don’t;

Trust me it doesn’t get better right away, it eventually will though,
and that’s why you have to be strong
Who did I lose? you may wonder,
The answer is quite simple honestly; I didn’t lose anybody, yet Renna and Abi.
Did, they lost, me. I honestly have learned for the past maybe, week;
How to forget, honestly, I don’t care anymore.
And they have been coming at me with hate I forget them;
Not fully yet partly, and it’s the best thing to do; to forget, it helps.

Just because;
One or two people left, Life isn’t over, Be strong and don’t cry because, it get’s better.

I drew this rose, yesterday, I've always wanted to draw one and I finally did.
I drew this rose, yesterday, I’ve always wanted to draw one and I finally did.

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