So.. I’m really into writing. theres this website called wattpad.com its a awesome website with a lot of talented people who are also into writing. My book is called “My last love”

if you want can you go check it out? heres the link: CLICK ME! CX

Heres a small paragraph out of it:

“UGH!” Maddie says in a frustrated tone of voice.”WHAT??” I question her.

” Its jussttt you!!YOU curse WAYY to much”

how offensive.

“WELL I cant help it if EVERY single book has such a crappy ending”

OH joy. Shes giggling now

“YOU overreact wayyy to much”

I snort.

“well why don’t we do some homework??”

YESS” I jump up in delight.

Soo if you want to continue it please go to the website! Click right here!! :DD?

I know that what I showed is such a small part of it (Only about 3 sentences out of the book) and my book is a bit long now too.. LOLOLOL.. well can you please check it out? thanks that would mean soo much! :3

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